About Us

We are a café serving the workers and buyers of New Smithfield Market, Manchester's wholesale fruit, vegetable fish and meat market. We get up at stupid o'clock to feed our discerning friends from 2am. Whether it be a bacon butty or a lamb kofta kebab with pomegranate couscous, we make it fresh on site, with produce sourced from our beloved market. 

We are now open at lunch times if you would like to visit our urban chic location. There is an INSANE amount of parking, and if you're polite to the guys on security, they'll almost certainly let you in.

We can cater small events, from pop-up sit down dinners to wedding buffets. We pride ourseves in providing bespoke menus particular to your event.. if you want Ice lollies and baked Sea Bass then so be it! 

We're having the best fun with our monthly Supper Clubs. Five courses of gourmet grub, served in our inimitable style (gobby) under fluorescent lighting. We're showcasing the best produce New Smithfield can provide, and we're doing it with a glass of BYOB wine in our hands.. (no polystyrene in sight!)

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